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Pequot Yacht Club Main Number: 203-255-5740       

TeamPequot Sailing Director:

Maggie Costikyan, 203-255-5740 Ext. 21

TeamPequot 2023 Committee

David Smith, Chair, 

Vanessa Caporrino

Tim Clark Jr. 

Tim Clark Sr (JSA Liaison)

Talli Connell

Meg Kinney

Scott Lewis 

Jody Peters

Debbie Reynolds

Treef Rosow

Sarah Stephen

Heather Woodworth

Cathie Ye 

Pequot Junior Yacht Club 2023 Flag Officers

Commodore:  Tucker Peters

Vice Commodore:  Piper McDonald

Fleet Captain:  Kate Caporrino

Secretary:  Greyson Peters

Treasurer:  Reid Smith 

Junior Mentor: Mark Adipietro 

Local Gear Resources:

Boat Locker

Bridgeport source for boat parts, clothes, gear

Dinghy Locker (Landfall Navigation)

Stamford source for boat parts, clothes, gear



The Pequot Yacht Club Junior Sailing Program emphasizes safety first and foremost and fosters the safe enjoyment of sailing by teaching and enforcing the principles of safe boating with the goal of protecting life and property on the water.

The decision to sail or not sail due to weather conditions is ultimately made by the Club Manager in consultation with the Sailing Director and Head Instructor.

Instructor Training Requirements

1. US Sailing Instructor Level 1 at a minimum

This four-day forty-hour course covers:

Teaching from and using a Safety Boat.

Use of land and on-the-water drills.

Sports psychology and physiology

Lesson Planning

Classroom teaching techniques for eye-hand coordination skills

Risk management and other legal issues

Safety considerations

Rainy day activities

2. CPR

3. First Aid

4. Safe Power Boating Certificate

5. CT Safe Boater’s License


Boat Safety Check

All Boats are required to pass a boat safety check at the beginning of the session, periodically throughout the session, and prior to every regatta. The check list for each boat is attached in the reference section of this guide.

The Optimist Safety Check is performed during the rigging days scheduled before each session (check the Calendar page for dates). All private boat owners and club charterers are required to attend the rigging day.

Club-owned Optimists, Skiffs, Fevas and 420s will be inspected by the club prior to being signed out to a charterer.  Privately-owned Optimists, Fevas, 420s and Lasers will be inspected during rigging days


Boat Inspection Process:

Arrive with your boat to the dry sail area next to the parking lot.

Check in with Rigging Day Chair

You are assigned to an inspector and your boat is put down on a tarp.

You will rig your boat on land, as the inspector will check the checklist which is in the Reference section of this document.

Once your boat has passed the inspection, you are given your assigned slot number on the Opti Racks. (for Optis only)

The process takes about 15 – 30 minutes. First come, first served.

Swim Check

All participants in the Pequot Junior Sailing Program must take and pass the swimming check outlined below, except those 14, 15, 16, and 17-year olds who passed the swim check the previous year. The check will be given on the date(s) previously specified on the Pequot Junior Sailing Program calendar.  Sailors should bring a towel, Personal Flotation Device (PFD) and a complete change of clothes. Valuables should be left at home.

The check:

1.         Test the proper fit of the PFD.

2.         Drop into the water from the junior dock dressed in normal sailing clothes and PFD without shoes or socks.

3.         Float in order to check PFD support. 

4.         Remove PFD.    

5.         Tread water for two (2) minutes.

6.         Swim the length of the dock and back again. (Approx. 180 feet)

7.         Put PFD on.

8.         Climb back onto the dock.


Clothing for Safety

The Junior Program requires that each participant wears a U.S. Coast Guard approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD) with a whistle. We strongly recommend that each participant wear a hat, UV sunglasses and closed-toed shoes. It is recommended that each participant bring a re-useable (not disposable please) water bottle each day.

The PFD must have your child’s name written in large letters on the back. Labeling the PFD serves 2 purposes: identifies the PFD as belonging to your child and identifies the child to everyone on the water. The PFD must be properly fitted and then is tested during the Swim Test.

A special whistle is tied to a string on the PFD. This whistle is used to call for help in an emergency. The whistle is designed to work in wet conditions.

Closed-toe shoes designed for water are recommended.                      

Sailing Safely under the Sun


Junior sailing programs provide a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the outdoors during the summer.  But young sailors and their parents must be aware of the dangers of sun exposure and the few simple, but vitally important, precautions that can be taken to reduce the risks of skin cancer.

Young sailors are exposed to a lot of sun and will receive 80% of their total lifetime exposure to ultraviolet radiation by the time they are 18.  A typical sampling of 140 sailors participating in an Optimist regatta shows only 13% of the fleet wore both hats and sunglasses.  42% wore neither!



·       Daily use of a waterproof sunscreen, SPF 20 or higher, will reduce the risk of skin cancer in   children by 80%.             

·       Clothing is not as protective as you may think.  A cotton T-shirt has a SPF of only 3 to 9, and is at the low end when it’s wet.  There is now sun-protective clothing (30+SPF) on the market.

·       Sunglasses with ultraviolet protection are also vitally important.

·       The hours between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. are the most dangerous time – think about ways to reduce exposure during the middle of the day.

·       Hats with wide brims to protect your child’s head and to screen his/her face and neck. Samples of hats are as follows:


Parent Safety


PYC parking lot is for MEMBERS ONLY. 

Parents are NOT permitted on docks, on the seawall or in the dry sail area during instruction time. Parents are only allowed on the porch of the Junior Clubhouse when the program is in session.

Parents may NOT drive into the Club driveway to pick up or drop off junior sailors during program hours. Our program administrator greets your children at the entrance each morning and assists with pick up during the lunch hour.

Parents must drop off their children on the yacht club side of the street.



Participant Code of Conduct




As a participant in the Pequot YC Junior Sailing Program I promise to adhere to this Code of Conduct while I am a member of the program. I understand that if I don’t abide by these rules the Head Instructor or Junior Program Chair can restrict my participation in any Program activities.


1.      I promise to follow the JSA Code of Ethics and JSA Guidelines as outlined in the JSA Yearbook and on our Team Pequot website.

2.     I shall wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD) while on the dock as well as while afloat.

3.     I shall wear a shirt, shorts and shoes while on shore. I understand that it is strongly recommended to wear a hat, sunglasses and closed toe shoes.

4.     I will behave and dress in a manner that is respectful of others and will not bully, taunt, tease or use profane language or gestures.


5.     Club Coach boats will be operated by Instructors only.

6.     Individuals using Club boats will sign out equipment and be financially responsible for replacing damaged or lost equipment.

7.     Items used from the PYC Toolbox will be charged to sailor's accounts.

8.     Parents will sign out equipment when receiving registration and plates for trailers.

9.    Should a sailor damage PYC property (sailing fleet, motor fleet, grounds), accounts will be charged accordingly.

Pequot Facilities:

10.     Bicycles, scooters, roller blades skateboards or any other “riding” equipment shall not be permitted on PYC property and must be stored on bike racks ONLY.

11.   Parents may NOT drive into the parking lot during program hours. Parents must drop off and pick up their child on the yacht club side of the street.  PYC parking lot is for MEMEBERS ONLY.

12.    Use of cell phones, computers and personal electronic devises are not allowed on the Junior Clubhouse porch or while sailing.

13.   Club use is a privilege to be used by sailor only on days when class for which they are enrolled is in session.

14.   Sailors must clean up after themselves at lunch.  Failure to do so can result in losing dining privileges.

15.   No one is permitted on the fire escape except in the case of fire.


We agree that:

1.       Parents must assume full responsibility for supervision of their children when they are not participating in a scheduled sailing class; i.e., before and after scheduled classes, as well as during lunch break.

2.      Each junior boat owner will be aboard his own boat during sailing class.  Use of the boat when the junior owner is not aboard will require approval by a parent of the junior owner.



Discipline Policy

PYC Instructors will rigorously enforce safe and sensible behavior at all times.

In addition, PYC requires all of its sailors to follow the JSA Code of Ethics and Guidelines as outlined in the JSA Yearbook. Junior sailors must pay particular attention to Rules 11.1 and 11.2 that govern JSA events as follows:

“11.1 All junior sailors and instructors at all JSA events are expected to behave in accordance with the recognized principles of sportsmanship, good manners and fair play. The organizing authority or protest committee may discipline and/or penalize a junior sailor or instructor for actions that include but are not limited to the following:

a) swearing at, intimidating or harassing anyone, including teammates on or off the water;

b) stealing or borrowing, without permission, anything that does not belong to them;

c) possessing, consuming, or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

11.2 When at a regatta a junior sailor or instructor is disciplined under JSA 11.1, the regatta organizer shall notify the offending sailor’s parents, program chairperson and yacht club Commodore, and the Chairman of the JSA. The junior sailor’s club will take disciplinary action within 48 hours and will notify the Chairman of the JSA regarding this action. In addition to any action the Club takes, further disciplinary actions may be taken by the Chairman of the JSA including initiation of action under Section 13 of the JSA By-Laws.”

Infractions pursuant to any of the above whether at JSA events or during PYC activities shall be subject to any of the following actions at the discretion of the Head Instructor:

a) Conference with instructor in charge at time of infraction.

b) Conference with Head Instructor as soon as possible (11:30am & 4:30pm daily)

c) Dismissal from class for remainder of day.

d) Conference with Junior Committee Chair, Head Instructor and sailor.

e) Conference with Junior Committee Chair, Head Instructor, PYC Flag Officer, parent and sailor.

f) Dismissal from class for one week.

g) Dismissal from program for remainder of summer (no refunds).



Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the program in general or a specific situation, please contact the Sailing Director, at 203-255-5740 X21. They will work with you to resolve the issue and/or arrange a meeting with the Head Instructor or the Junior Program Chair.

All issues or concerns may also be submitted in writing to the Sailing Director by e-mailing


Class Attendance

Class will take place on schedule regardless of weather conditions. (Rainy or no-wind day activities are planned.)Please be on time when dropping off your child for class. 8:45am is the start time for all morning classes. This is necessary for maximizing on-the-water lesson time. Any child arriving late to class may be required to stay on shore with the Sailing Director.Parents must assume full responsibility for supervision of their children when they are not participating in a scheduled sailing class; i.e., before and after scheduled classes, as well as during lunch break.If your child is absent from sailing class due to a medical condition, a doctor's note is required in order to return to the program. If your child's partner is absent from the program and coaches are notified ahead of time, your child may have the opportunity to sail an alternate PYC owned & unchartered boat if available.Parents must notify the Sailing Director if their child(ren) will be absent from sailing class. A voice mail may be left by calling 203-255-5740 X21 or an e-mail may be sent to



Private owners/charters: parents and junior sailors must label each piece of their boat equipment and all personal belongings.   Club charters: parents and junior sailors will sign out equipment at the beginning of the year and be financially responsible for replacing damaged or lost equipment.  A $250 deposit will be required for all Pequot Yacht Club charter boats.Pequot Yacht Club will be offering a portable toolbox for sailors (privatly owned boats & chartered boats) should their boat need a new/replacement part.  PYC charter sailors will not be charged for replacement parts if item needs replacement due to malfunction.  However, if a part is replaced due to misuse, the charter sailor will be charged for the part.  Privatly owned boats needing replacement parts from the portable toolbox will be charged and billed monthly.Parents and junior sailors are responsible for transporting boats to and from regattas and, once there, assembling and launching.  Instructors are responsible for making sure junior sailors are properly rigged and ready once launched, and staying on premises until all pick-ups or drop-offs are completed for regatta participants.



The Pequot Yacht Club Junior Sailors have the privilege of staying after morning lessons (12-12:30) or coming early to eat lunch on the property when they are enrolled in a session. Sailors are expected to behave respectfully and to clean up after themselves.

Sailors may order food from the "Galley Window" on the parking lot side of the Senior Clubhouse between the hours of 11:45am and 1:00pm. Each sailor has been assigned a charge code which is printed on their confirmation letter. Parents will be billed on a monthly basis for charges to the sailor’s account. Please pay these charges promptly or this privilege may be revoked. Parents should establish guidelines with their children ahead of time for the amount and kinds of purchases.

Sailors may eat their food on the Junior Clubhouse front porch or inside the Junior Clubhouse room only.  Sailors are expected to dispose of all trash properly or lunch privileges may be revoked.

Please be advised that there is NO instructor on-duty to supervise lunch.

Junior sailors may invite their parents to dine with them for lunch in the Senior Yacht Club Dining Room, 1st Floor Deck or Lawn 1 time per week.  Proper attire is required for all.


Regattas and Trailering

Pequot actively participates in a full compliment of JSA Regattas. The Racing Coaches in consultation with the Head Instructor determine who is ready to go to a regatta. It is also important for parents to notify the Sailing Director of a child’s availability to participate in the regattas.  Pequot is responsible to registering all participating sailors in regattas, NOT the parents of an interested sailor.  Registration fees are included in initital program costs and will not be an additional cost for parents unless a registered sailor is removed from regatta within 48 hours of event.  Should you need to remove your sailor once registered, please contact the ailing Director ASAP!

Getting a boat and the sailor to an outside event, whether a Club boat or privately-owned, is the responsibility of the sailors using the boat. Although one or more instructors will be on hand to assist at each major regatta, the jobs of loading, car-topping and trailering, and unloading are up to the juniors sailing the boat and their parents, so be prepared!

If borrowing a Club boat and trailer, get the registration and plates from the Club Manager, provide a copy of both car insurance card and driver’s license, and sign a release form.Make sure the trailer hitch ball on your car is the same size as the ball socket on the trailer. The smaller trailers fit a 1 7/8” ball; the larger trailers need a 2” ball; some SUV’s require an adaptive sleeve. If in doubt, check with the Manager.Get the trailer lights hooked up to your car lights. This may take time if things need wiring, so plan ahead.You will want to check that your car insurance covers use of Club equipment.Know how to tie down boat and rig properly. Ask instructors and experienced parents for advice well in advance of regatta.Review checklist for your boat. Some spare parts will be available at the host Club at retail cost.Ask experienced parents or instructors for instructions on car-topping boats.Know who your parent team captain is for each boat class. Volunteer parents for each racing class—Optis, Fevas, Lasers and 420s—lead a discussion for the parents at a break-out session during Regatta Orientation.Check the regatta schedule on the JSA website,, and note any conflicts with your family schedule.Please review the JSA website,, for directions to clubs, class rules, etc.Please review the Notice of Race (“NOR”) on the JSA website,, for regatta arrival and departure times, meal plans (should you pack a lunch?) and other regatta detailsIf your sailor is receiving housing at an away regatta, PLEASE TAKE A SMALL HOSTESS GIFT.If your child is registered to participate in a regatta and can no longer attend, please reach out to the Sailing Director ASAP.  If less than 48 hours notice, sailor will be charged registration fee and parents will be billed.

Remind your sailors that they are representing Pequot Yacht Club when they attend regattas.


JSA of LIS (and a brief history of junior sailing on LIS)

The Junior Sailing Association of Long Island Sound (JSA of LIS) is a unique organization in the United States. It was organized in 1924 to promote and support sailing for young people involved in the 40+ Yacht Clubs and Sailing Centers on Long Island Sound. Of the seven founding fathers, three, Roderick McNeil, Hugh M. Wharton, and Joseph W. C. Bullard, came from Pequot Yacht Club. The first regatta for sailors under the age of eighteen was held at Pequot in 1924. Today, the JSA of LIS continues to support sailing for young people in the following ways.

• Creates a schedule of sanctioned regattas and events.

• Sponsors training symposia for junior sailors, junior program committee people and instructors.

• Publishes instructional materials for sailing programs, such as registration forms, rating test and manuals.

• Prints a quarterly newsletter containing informative articles and race results which is e-mailed to JSA of LIS members throughout the summer season.

• Updates a JSA Blog which can be viewed at

• Conducts surveys and publishes the results.

• Publishes a yearbook delineating special rules and conditions for JSA sanctioned events.

To fulfill these activities and others, the JSA of LIS needs the support of all interested people - parents, instructors and friends. Membership dues are included in your Junior Program fee. Contributions play a critical role in providing these services, as well.




The Pequot Junior Program has a long history of volunteerism. It takes over 20 people working since October to prepare for the 8-week Junior Program. The Junior Committee meets regularly and agenda items include initiatives in the program, hiring instructors, planning our Pequot regattas, registering sailors for the summer, designing T-Shirts, maintaining the fleet of club boats, and much more! While it is a lot of work, it is really fun for everyone. If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out to  We look forward to working with you!!

Sign up sheets for volunteer opportunities will also be available during the Orientation Program.

Junior Clubhouse Commissioning

The Junior Clubhouse commissioning ceremony is the official opening of the Junior Program, held the Sunday evening of the first week. The Junior Yacht Club Flag Officers officiate the ceremony. The Senior Club’s Reverend blesses the Junior Club with a prayer, followed by a few words from the Senior Yacht Club Commodore. The Junior Yacht Club Flag and the U.S. Flag are hoisted on the Senior & Junior Flagpole.

A casual pizza dinner for sailors and their parents follows on the Senior Yacht Club lawn.


Annual Awards Dinner

The Annual Awards Dinner is hosted by the Junior Yacht Club Flag Officers. The list of perpetual trophies is listed under the FAQ "Traditions" tab. Additionally, each instructor awards their “Coaches” award for each of their classes. The evening is wrapped up with a slide show of the season’s highlights.  Sailors and parents are encouraged to attend.  Dress is yacht club casual.

Jennings Cup Parent-Child Regatta

Arthur O. Jennings started this tradition so that he could see how much his children learned in the Junior Sailing Program.  Each year, a representative from the Jennings family organizes this one day regatta on a Saturday in July.  Rules and boat classes are announced prior to the event and vary; the regatta has been contested in boats ranging from club-owned Ideal 18s, where the Junior Sailor is the skipper, to remote-controlled “pond yachts”, where the Junior and parent alternate at the controls. The winner is awarded the Arthur O. Jennings Trophy at the Awards Dinner.


Pequot-hosted Regattas

Opti Rumble is a one day regatta for experienced Optimist sailors and is a qualifier for Opti Champs. These sailors are generally between 10 and 13 years old.

The Pequot Invitational Regatta is a long running tradition at the Club.  Established in 1954, the regatta attracts 12–15 year olds from all over Long Island Sound. This year the Invitational is anticipating classes to include Skiffs, Fevas, 420s, Lasers, and potentially other classes to be determined when registration opens.   


Perpetual Awards and Trophies

PEQUOT CUP - To the member of the Junior Club who has demonstrated the most outstanding qualities of sportsmanship and leadership.

HENRY A. JENNINGS CUP - To the skipper and crew of the Junior Club who have compiled the best racing record in the Junior Sailing Association of Long Island Sound’s events.

PANDORA’S BOX - To the member of the Junior Club who has demonstrated the best ability in setting spinnakers.

RENNELL IMPROVEMENT AWARD - To the junior who has shown the greatest improvement in seamanship during the year.

JOHN WALTER PERRY TROPHY - To the member of the Junior Club who has shown the most improvement in their year as a beginner.

ARTHUR O. JENNINGS, JR. MEMORIAL CUP - To the winner of the parent-child race sponsored annually by the Pequot Junior Yacht Club.

MIKE HAFER PEQUOT ACHIEVEMENT AWARD - To the intermediate member of the Junior Club who has demonstrated all-around excellence in sailing ability, seamanship and sportsmanship.

REGINALD W. RAY, JR. TROPHY - To the outstanding junior mentor.

CAMERON CLARK, JR. NAVIGATION AWARD - To the outstanding junior navigator.

JOHN H. SHERWOOD AWARD - To the Optimist showing all-around excellence.

INSTRUCTORS’ TILLER AWARD - To the most improved helmsman.

DAVID S. SPROUSE AWARD - For spirit and enthusiasm.

INSTRUCTORS SHIPSHAPE AWARD – To the junior who is the best at keeping his boat shipshape.

EDWIN S. GAYNOR TROPHY – To the junior who exhibits superior sportsmanship on a Big Boat

TEAM PEQUOT MARLINSPIKE SEAMANSHIP AWARD - To the morning sailor with the most advanced knot tying skills.


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